Gateway International EMS (referred to as “Provider” hereafter)  is in the business of global patient transportation logistics and services and directly involved in identifying and organizing Medical Ground Transportation as per the requests and stipulations of the respective client. Provider ensures solely the operational services requested by the Customer are performed and the terms and conditions in this document apply equally. WHEREAS, this Agreement contains the Providers Terms of engagement;
NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements herein contained, the parties hereto, intending to be legally bound, agree as follows:


Provider is prepared to offer the following professional services to Customer: Medical Ground Transportation Management Dispatch including; Ground Ambulance Transportation, Stretcher Transportation, Wheelchair Transportation, Limousine/Sedan Transportation, Taxi Transportation and further types of transport upon request of the client and within the capabilities of the Provider. Solutions are provided on a global basis as per the available resources of the provider.


a. Customer can contact Provider via phone, Email or fax: all details are listed on the following website: The Customer should provide all details possible, including the medical diagnosis of patient and type of ambulance requested, i.e. BLS, ALS etc, tarmac access, pick up time etc. By engaging the services of the provider via phone, email or fax confirmation the Customer accepts the quotation and service and agrees to pay the price as per the terms and conditions in this agreement as well as any further specific pricing mentioned. If requested by Provider Customer may be required to provide a guarantee letter of payment or in some instances, and at the discretion of the Provider pay a part or all the costs of the transport in advance.

b. If desired he Customer will be provided a quotation prior to the delivery of service which will detail the costs of transportation plus any additional costs that may arise such as waiting time, cancellation costs, etc. If the final cost differs from the estimated cost, the Provider will, upon request furnish the Customer with a final cost document detailing the additional charges. Gateway provides these costs 1:1 to the Customer with no extra fees with the exception of cancellation costs, i.e. if the Customer cancels a confirmed mission and the contracted provider charges fees to Gateway, Gateway will charge these fees with a surcharge of 10% to the Customer. All quotes are subject to availability of provider at time of booking by client.

c. Upon confirmation of a transport the Customer will supply the Provider with all necessary information in order to allow the successful arrangement of the mission. This includes any necessary documentation, name of the patient, location, hospital name (if applicable), routing etc. Upon providing these details the Customer automatically consents that the Provider releases any medical information as necessary, i.e. to the transport company. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to have received the consent for release of medical information from their patient. The Provider is not involved in the communication with the patient, unless expressly asked to do so.

d. The Customer understands that the Provider is in the business of identifying and hiring the most appropriate possible ground ambulance transportation service to the best of its knowledge, research and internal vetting process of its own global network as per the specific needs of the Customer; however Customer equally understands that Provider is not liable for the actual quality of service performed or for the actual medical care as the Provider in these terms & conditions does not provide any medical care.

e. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Provider, its affiliates, officers, employees, and representatives from and against any losses, costs, damages, and expenses resulting from claims for bodily injury or property damage arising out of joint efforts through the term of this agreement unless such bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury is determined to be the result of the negligence of the Provider, its affiliates, officers, employees, or representatives.

f. Customer agrees and accepts that Provider is not responsible for any cancellation charges such as flight tickets, air ambulance charges etc. if providers supplier does not perform mission on time and there is a missed flight due to negligence of the provider’s supplier. Customer understands Provider only has limited influence on actual service provided and unless Provider has acted negligently in the afore mentioned situation Customer will hold Provider harmless. Provider, however will do all possible to reclaim any losses of client from the negligent service provider.

g. If the Customer confirms a transport the Provider will communicate as necessary with the identified ambulance service and relay all information given by the Customer. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that the patient and hospital or sending facility are aware of the logistical details and prepared for transport, has been given consent by the patient and that the patient is aware of possible transport risks. The Provider is not liable for complications arising during the transport.

h. The Customer commits to informing Provider of any delays or change of schedule concerning the air ambulance or other logistical aspects that the Provider is not involved in. It is the responsibility of the Customer to inform the Provider of the requested pick up or arrival time at a facility or airport. On occasion the Customer may ask the Provider for the suggested pick up time in order to have patient at a certain destination at a certain time which will then be advised after Provider has spoken with the contracted transport company.  Customer acknowledges that these times are recommendations of the respective transport company, however are not binding and the Provider in these terms & conditions is not liable for the accuracy of these times. Any additional costs that may incur because of delays or the failure to inform Provider of relevant logistics are the responsibility of the client.

i. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to advise Provider if medical escorts or air ambulance teams can not locate patient,  or if flights with patients have been missed. It is the responsibility of the Customer to advise Provider if there are any deviations in flight plans. Gateway Intl. EMS as a third party is not responsible and may not be held liable for any missed flights.

Equally Provider commits to informing the Customer of any delays or change of logistics that may arise due to processes of the contracted transport company. d. Provider is not responsible for any changes of transport logistics or costs that arise due to reasons of Force Majeure. Any additional costs that are not due to the failure of the Provider are to be paid for by the Customer.

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Gateway Intl. EMS can not be held liable for the postings on this page. Gateway Intl. EMS is solely offering air ambulance and other companies to post their own services and does not take responsibility for accuracy or quality of these companies. Anybody entering into an agreement with a company listed on this webpage does so fully at their own accord. Gateway International EMS is not part of this or any other contract.

Gateway International EMS reserves the right to update this page and remove postings at any time if they are outdated or not in accordance with the appearance Gateway Intl. EMS represents and stands for.


Payment is determined on a client by client basis unless a signed agreement stating payment terms is held with a client.


  • a. In the event that Customer fails to pay for services rendered, the Customer shall be responsible for all legal fees and costs incurred by Provider in attempting to collect the outstanding invoice.
  • b. Payments not made by due date of invoice are subject to penalty fees or interest and stated as such on invoice.
  • c. In the event that there is a claim for breach asserted by Provider, then the laws of Washington, DC, USA apply.
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